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Liz Tripp

Liz Tripp is the chair of the Women’s Information Network of New York City, a premiere political, professional and networking organization dedicated to intersectional feminism and the advancement of Democratic women, serving over 2,800 women in NYC. Liz has been with WIN for more than 4 years, serving in a variety of leadership roles.

By day, Liz is senior consultant at APCO Worldwide’s New York office. She specializes in crisis and corporate communications, with clients in industries ranging from healthcare to prestige beauty, food and beverage, advertising and artificial intelligence.
Prior to APCO, Liz served as chief of staff to the executive director of an education policy organization, and started her career in the classroom, teaching physics and chemistry at the high school level. She also serves on the governing board of Stradford Preparatory Academy in the Bronx.

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