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Olutosin Araromi

Olutosin Itohan Araromi is a first generation Nigerian-American who appreciates the opportunities America holds but still embraces and stays true to her Nigerian heritage. Olutosin is a recent college graduate of Montclair State University where she studied human services with a concentration in health/family services and a minor in psychology.


After being crowned Miss Nigeria USA 2015-2016 Olutosin used her platform to promote female empowerment, education as well as breast cancer awareness. Being Miss Nigeria USA has helped amplify Olutosin's entrepreneurship by becoming a solidified event host, a New York Fashion Week featured published model and a public speaker. After graduating college, Olutosin currently works in her field as a therapeutic support supervisor for a northern New Jersey mental health provider agency.


Olutosin's long term goals are to be a social entrepreneur, international goodwill ambassador, motivational speaker, world renowned model, philanthropist, brand ambassador, author, media mogul and an activist.

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