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Minaa B

Minaa B. who was born Jessmina Archbold, is a licensed social worker who provides therapeutic services to individuals, couples and families who are in need of emotional wellness and mental health support. She specializes in treating anxiety and depression, and works heavily with artists, entertainers and writers, as she is also a creative who utilizes the arts as a form of creative expression and a tool for self-care.


Minaa’s work as a therapist inspired her to launch the digital magazine Respect Your Struggle, a creative outlet and open forum to cultivate conversations around mental health and to de-stigmatize the subject within minority communities. With a passion for writing and psychotherapy, Minaa uses her voice to advocate for social change and mental health reform when it comes to policies and practices to ensure that people of color are included in conversations that pertain to their well-being. She has created partnerships with organizations such as Mental Health America and has been featured on platforms such as the Huffington Post, Too Write Love On Her Arms and Think Progress.


An undergraduate business major, and graduate of the New York University Social Work program, Minaa believes in creating spaces within business that are non-traditional and non-conforming to society’s standards. She is the author of the book Rivers Are Coming, and a small business owner of an all-natural apothecary line Sunday Mornings. Minaa currently resides in Queens, NYC where she also runs her private practice.

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