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Esosa Ighodaro

Esosa Ighodaro is the Co-Founder and President of CoSign and heads branding, marketing, sales, external partnerships and communications. As the finance expert, her role includes strategic development of communication campaigns, product placement, market research, securing influencers and external partners, raising funds and social media engagement. She identifies and capitalizes on new growth opportunities through market analysis, brand development and keen business instincts. Ighodaro develops and implements strategies that increase product awareness, market share and profitability.

She graduated from Temple University with a bachelor of business administration degree in finance. Ighodaro spent over six years developing her skills by working with top companies like J.P. Morgan Chase, CitiGroup and Bear Stearns. Her experience covers financial sectors such as prime brokerage, hedge funds, retail banking and marketing. As the Management Associate at CitiGroup in the global consumer group, she served as the project lead on the retail strategy program, assisted with the development and implementation of various projects for the US Retail Bank including the ‘Our Promise’ initiative and managed community engagements programs. Ighodaro soon advanced to CitiGroup’s Citi Cards division, where she served as the Balance Transfer Program Manager and Vice-President. On the sales and marketing team, she focused on monthly balance growth, which included expense management, customer contact strategy, auditing, and overall program creation and execution. Additionally, she developed offers, customer communication strategies and campaigns for internal partners, as well as, for 14 million customers. Ighodaro is from New York and resides in Brooklyn.

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