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Divine Muragijimana

Youth Panel

Divine Muragijimana, a Burundian native, is a Marketing Strategist and Events Development consultant who has also dedicated her life to training and investing in young African leaders. Currently, Ms. Muragijimana is also the president of The Council of Young African Leaders (The CYAL) and organization she co-founded with Okenfe Lebarty in 2011. Concurrently, she serves as Editor-in-chief of Applause Africa, a magazine whose mission is to bring news to the African community in the Diaspora, and put Africans and African initiatives at the forefront. Ms. Muragijimana also serves as a board member and the Assistant Executive Director of the Affirmative Action on Gender Equality Network- AGEN-USA. Over the last 5 years, Ms. Muragijimana has been working with an extensive network of African organizations and African Businesses including nurturing and advising student organizations across the United States. While she enjoys her work in marketing and event planning, Ms. Muragijimana driving force is her love for Africa and appreciation of the political process and the role it plays in African societies.


Ms. Muragijimana is also a strong advocate for women’s rights and youth empowerment with a specialization in post-conflict zones in Africa. She currently holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Malone University and Masters in Urban Policy and Administration from CUNY Brooklyn College. “My mother used to tell me that the strength of Africa and its greatest wealth is its people. It was not until I was almost done with my undergraduate studies that I saw the wisdom in her words. The African people are Africa’s greatest resource, and my life mission is develop as much of this resource as possible, because I strongly believe that together, we can see Africa move beyond the first frontier into a new horizon".

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