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Nitiya Walker

Youth Forum

In 2010, Nitiya Walker left Brooklyn to obtain an undergraduate degree as a Posse Leadership Scholar at Babson College. Pursing her love for Media she created a documentary called “The 4%”, challenging Babson’s low African American student attendance rate and currently works at MTV Networks.However, it was her visit to the Albukhary International University in Malaysia that transformed her purpose in the world. Malaysian Billionaire, Tan Sri Albukhary created the University using his personal wealth to provide underprivileged students an education. Humbled while living at the University she began to see money as a tool to help others achieve their dreams. Inspired by the principles learned, she believed it was her duty to help ease the financial burdens of those in her generation; therefore she created a scholarship program to help women to obtain local scholarships called Seeds of Fortune.

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