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Rita Obi

Youth Forum

Rita Obi is the Co-founder of the educational non-profit organization, Kor Foundation, Founder of the health education program, AHUIKE, Health Education Specialist for the  Nigerian based grassroots organization, UR4Africa,a program planning consultant  and a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Population Health Department of New York University School of Medicine. 


As a public health professional, Rita spends her time doing research, developing curricula and programs that foster youth empowerment and promote health. She has 11 years of experience as a health educator, and seven years of experience working with youth. As an educator, Rita has single handedly educated over 1000 youth in Nigeria and New York City on topics such as food justice, hygiene, chronic diseases and infectious diseases. In addition to health, Rita also educates students on ways to strive for excellence and advocate for change. She has developed curricula for and taught at New York City institutions such as Children's Hospital At Montefiore, Harlem Children Zone, Children's Aid Society, Bronx Preparatory Charter School, and Nigerian institutions such as Head Start Private School , Ehume Community private School, Meiran Community Junior High School and Home Science Association Secondary High School.


Rita is a creative visionary using unconventional methods to lead change and inspire others one community at a time.

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