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Tobi Atte 


Tobi Atte is a Certified Relationship, Life, Motivation and Communication Coach and Speaker. He is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and the Founder (and writer) behind IJustMetMe ( ).

He is the author of “How To Make Sure Your Values Are Aligned: A Guide To Avoiding Relationship Frustration” available on the IJustMetMe website.

Tobi is very passionate about helping people have fulfilling relationships and speaks at many seminars/events on various aspects of relationships.

He is also the President and Co-Founder of The OTaB Group…a consulting firm that exists to help organizations and individuals gain new perspectives on people and helps them capitalize on those new perspectives by developing and implementing the right procedures, processes and policies. 


Tobi is Founder of Barnabian’s Cove Inc, A nonprofit organization that is devoted to improving the lives of the less privileged through activities aimed at poverty elimination, disease management and prevention, Women empowerment, Children empowerment, and the overall improvement of the human condition.


He believes that the WOMAN is more and has spoken at Women’s groups on related topics.


Tobi is married to his amazing wife Roseline and they reside in New Jersey.



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