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Coming to Terms With My New President

Now that the most exhausting, excruciating and exciting election is over, I just want to ask one simple question: women, what happened? It’s creeping into a month when the entire world saw Donald Trump named president and I still do not know how to feel. Tons of emotions from that very day and I’m still not able to name what exactly it is that I am feeling.

Let’s starts off by saying that this is by far the craziest election that I have ever witness. I found myself laughing and screaming at both candidates during all three debates and having twitter as my main platform to follow along with what others were saying didn’t make it any better. I was so sure that from watching all three debates that Hillary Clinton had this in the bag. Trump yelled, insulted Hillary and women, in general, and made absolutely no sense. All three moderators would ask him a certain question on a subject, and he insisted on either bringing up Clinton’s emails, not even answer the questions at all, or threw a fit. And still, on November 8th he was elected the 45th president of this country. How sway? Because I do not have the answers. Once seeing the results, I became numb, like many of my friends that I know, while some expressed their pain through tears and many were in fact very happy for how the results turned out.

Like, I said before I still do not know how to feel. It has yet to hit me. But what I keep racking my brain around is how was he even elected? Well, let’s look at some statistics. 53% of white women voted for the guy who said he would "grab women by the p****," is still going to trial for rape charges and views women as objects. 42% of women voted for Trump. While 43% of black women voted for Trump, I’m baffled that he even received votes. This makes me wonder if some women did not find Donald Trump’s statements troubling. Or is it that some women truly do not believe that a woman is fit enough to handle this country? CNN commentator, Van Jones, calls this a “white-lash” to express why he felt Americans voted for trump, he says, “the term describes an old reality: Dramatic racial progress in America is inevitably followed by a white backlash, or "whitelash." Reconstruction in the 19th century was followed by a century of Jim Crow.

The civil rights movement of the 1950s and '60s was followed by President Ronald Reagan and the rise of the religious right.” in hindsight 94% of black women voted for Hillary Clinton and 54% of women in general voted for Hillary. I must commend black women for showing out when it indeed counted, unfortunately our voices and votes were not a match with the Trump supporters and voters. What does this mean for Americans in the next four years, only time will tell. Next month, Donald Trump will be sworn into the presidential office acting on his 100-day plan. I’d say before then, take some time out for yourself and heal.

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