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5 Fashion Trends You Should Leave in 2019

We are entering the New Year with some great fashion tips from our WomenWerk tribe member and owner of popular YouTube channel "In A Timely Fashion", Ose Prather.

It’s a brand new year which calls for brand new beginnings. Time to get your New Years resolutions underway. 2017 was a good year for fashion but there were many trends that left us so confused, disgusted, and humored, that they need to stay in 2017. We are not bringing them into the New Year. Here are some of the most cringe worthy fashion trends that need to die in 2018. Which ones were you guilty of in 2017?

5. Destroyed Denim, in other words extremely holy torn up jeans. Not to be confused with distressed jeans. While distressed jeans are a great way to add personality to an outfit with minimal holes and a few rips, destroyed denim looks like you ran through a cheese grater. We’re ditching this trend in 2018.

4. Lace-Up Everything, lace up tops, lace up jeans, lace up skirts, etc. This 90’s trend has made its way back onto the shelves of every clothing store. It is unflattering and gives off a juvenile appeal. The only thing that should have lace ups on them are shoes. Period.

3. Cold-Shoulder Tops. Just why? Of all the sleeve choices there are, full length, short sleeve, three quarter, half sleeve, cap sleeve, sleeveless, etc, what is the point of just having a portion of your sleeve cut out leaving only your shoulders exposed? In addition, most women do not wear the proper undergarments for cold shoulder sleeves, leaving the bra still exposed. This trend should surely die in 2018.

2. Instagram Baddie Suits. Think fast fashion. Even further, think anything from Fashion Nova. Uber tight, revealing, clubbing attire that is so impractical, only on Instagram are these clothing pieces photo worthy. Not to mention how impossible it is to look just as good as the women wearing the clothes.

1. Fooged Boots — And last but certainly not least as there were many that could have made this list is, clear PVC booties or boots. As if our feet don’t get sweaty enough with boots/booties made of traditional materials such as leather, suede, velvet, or canvas, 2017 had to add one of the most unforgiving materials to make shoes out of. As your feet perspire, Which they surely will because you will not be wearing socks, the shoes become fogged up. Not Cute. You also better make sure that you pedicure is on point so that your feet are not the center of attention for the wrong reasons. These ultra high maintenance foot wear needs to die in 2018.

Ok Rant over. Happy New Year Everyone!

Ose's channel "InATimelyFashion" is about teaching women to become their most confident and successful selves through fashion and styling.

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