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Lynda Omakoro shares her weight loss tips!

We all know it is hard to lose weight and keep it off! We've watched the amazing weight loss journey of our WomenWerk tribe member Lynda Omokaro whose success in the last year has shown her hard work and dedication. Here's her story:

1. What sparked you to start your weight loss journey?

For as long as I can remember, I've been on a weight loss journey. I've had many successes and failures along the way as I wanted to maintain a healthy weight. My success this time around can be attributed to my approach to losing weight and a new understanding of healthy living. I began this journey by focusing on the spiritual aspect of my being and not just the physical. It may sounds cliché, but I have experienced a big difference in losing my weight with spiritual leaning on God. I sought to grow and discover my better self; a self I knew existed but would require great focus, determination, and time to unveil my better self.

2. What can your change be quantified by?

Dropping 6 sizes in the last year has taken a lot of focus and effort. At my heaviest, I wore a size 20W in pants and dresses. Now, I’m down to a size 12 or 14, and a Medium or Large in tops. I’ve lost more weight in the last 18 months of my life than I have ever been able to lose before.

3. What habits did you change and what is your health and wellness routine now?

Prior to starting my journey, I ate out a lot and had to change that; I wasn’t eating unhealthy fast food but just not selecting the most healthy options. I am now more mindful of where and how I get my nutrients, where I shop for food, and how I shop healthy. Specifically, I’ve learned to make meal plans and create my healthy grocery lists in advance. I mainly shop the perimeters of the store where fresh fruits and vegetables are stored and I’m mindful of which aisles I shop to ensure I’m avoiding temptation.

I’ve developed a desire to be more active and exercise consistently. I go to the gym regularly, take walks on nice days, and find myself opting for a dance session versus watching TV for hours which is not as healthy.

4. How do you stay motivated? How do you schedule your busy days to stay on track?

My desire to change my life has been my main motivation. I know what it's like to be bigger and I got fed up with it. I want to continue pushing myself to see what I can make of this great start to my journey. Looking at old pictures of myself has really kept me motivated. During the holidays last year, I created a vision board comparing past and present pictures and I used it as my screen saver to keep me accountable. I plateaued in my weight loss recently but I continue to workout and stay active as much as possible. It’s important to realize that when you lose a lot of weight, you may see your weight stay stable (which is not as motivating) but that means you have to stay active to maintain that new weight.

5. What is one thing you have learned about yourself or about your diet/health through this process?

One thing I've learned is to view weight loss as a journey and not a destination. I've taken many detours, tried different diets, and had some setbacks. I learned that my determination is what is needed to reach success. I have learned to allow myself to have bad days, weeks, and months even. When I struggled, I had to hit the reset button and move forward. I'm in no rush to reach a certain weight but I am in a transformation process and look forward to maintaining good health for the long term.

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