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Franchise Queen

WomenWerk sits with Alyson Lawson to discuss her journey to win the first-ever 7-Eleven Women’s Franchise Competition

1. Who is Alyson Rae Lawson and what should we know about your passion for business?

One thing you should know is franchising is in my blood. My father franchised three McDonald’s in the Dallas area when I was young. However, I wanted to be an orthodontist instead. I started as a Biology major at Hampton University. I struggled through about a year and a half and decided to switch to Business Management. Changing my major to business, honestly set me in the path of being the ideal candidate for the contest. I almost missed my calling! You audience should know that just because your life doesn’t go as planned doesn’t mean that you gave up or failed, it means that you chose another path to be successful.

2. What made you want to participate in the 7-Eleven Women’s Franchise Competition?